Electricity, low current and advanced home automation systems will be used in order to make the project special in every aspect. The most advanced systems of the present technology have been selected and designed to provide the highest level of comfort and safety conditions


Accordingly, the systems generally considered can be listed in this way: the energy requirement of the villa will be provided from the Low Voltage or Medium Voltage system. The energy requirement of the villa will be backed up at full load with the generator against energy cuts. In addition, special systems (fire panel, CCTV, telephone and data system) will be supplied from uninterruptible power sources. Basic grounding will be made for all the buildings in the site. A protection against the stroke of lighting will be provided by lighting rod. All the rooms and other buildings in the villa will have the necessary infrastructure and systems for TV, telephone and internet access (wired and wireless).


The necessary infrastructure and systems will be installed in the villa for home automation. For this purpose, working scenarios will be established depending on the keys and sensors in the rooms. These scenarios will be prepared by taking user demands into consideration. Each floor will have 1 IPAD (or at the required number). The visuals concerning floor plans, Swimming Pool, Tennis Court, Garden Kitchen, Outbuilding, Entrance Door, Environment and Garden Lighting, Generator, LPG, VRV will be available in IPADs. New pages of the room and system to be controlled from the main page will simply be switched.

Room and system pages will be prepared in more detail and enlarged from.

In these pages,


- Lighting status information, on / off buttons, lighting intensity up / down buttons (some places) can be made.

- The VRV outdoor and indoor units will be integrated with the home automation system. Room temperature information, interior units will be controlled.

- The heating system of the building can be programmed in different day and night degrees with day and night modes.

- Bath temperature will be checked and monitored and the ground heating system of the bathroom will be controlled.

- Illumination in the pool and mechanical volumes, fault and status information of the pump systems, pool water temperature information can be monitored and controlled through visuals.

- Environment and Garden Illumination will be monitored and controlled.

- Irrigation of desired areas with garden irrigation system will be performed according to weekly programs.

- Garage entrance door will be controlled by home automation and mobile phone.

- In connection with the security systems in the building:

- The system immediately detects the slightest negative situation (motion detectors, glass breakage sensors, gas leakage and water leg sensors, earthquake sensors) that may occur at home by means of intruders alarm, fire alarm, water leak alarm, natural gas leak alarm system, and will inform the situation to the mobile phone and the necessary police department, fire brigade, and natural gas intervention teams.

- Land surroundings, entrance gate, and building exterior will be monitored and recorded with a 24-hour camera system. Home automation system and camera monitoring system will always be available.

- The video call system will be made at the main entrance door and the dialogues with incoming persons will be provided via mobile phone or IPAD. Systems can also be controlled manually at any time.


With the IPAD, key and mobile phone application, you can activate the home exit mode with one touch and you can turn off all electricity and water installation and natural gas installations of your home faucets and power outlets except the ones that need continuous operation such as refrigerator and can be switched to burglar alarm mode with motion sensors in all enclosed spaces.