Şekeroğlu Real Estate, Development, Investment & Production A.Ş.

Company Profile

The 'Şekeroğlu Family' activities related to production, automation, mold design and manufacturing, commerce, real estate and construction fields, started in 1959.

In 2008, the 'Şekeroğlu Family' by taking a strategic decision, established the Şekeroğlu Gayrimenkul Geliştirme Yatırım Tic. A.Ş. under the name of a separate company.thus, the Real Estate and Construction activities were separated. 'The development process of Şekeroğlu Family's activities related to Real Estate and Construction is as follows:

1. The company carried out and completed the project and the construction works of the Wholesale Food Site in Konya (1990).

2. Konya’s 2000 people capacity Muaz Bin Cebel Mosque project and construction were carried out and completed in accordance with Ottoman Architecture. (2001).

3. Müsiad Houses, a first in Konya with respect to Luxury Housing Project, was designed and completed as planned (2002). Although 16 years have passed since their construction, these properties still remain as the most luxurious houses in Konya.

4. Şekeroğlu A.Ş.'s new factory building with 14.000 m2 closed area has been projected and completed in time. (2005).

5. In 2009, Tekfen, OQZIF and Şekeroğlu Real Estate Development Yatırım Tic. and San. Inc. undertook a project of 980 housing units on a state owned area of 300 acres and in accordance with city planning, then sold by international tender method.

6. Monorail project feasibility study and consultancy services were provided for Konya Metropolitan Municipality and KOS Regional Directorate, and the Organized Industrial Zone for Public Transportation Solutions.

7. Consultancy and contribution services were provided for Unilever Turkey A.Ş’s planned 550 million USD worth Algida Factory investment, project feasibility studies, including decision-making process, land allocation studies and management of the bureaucratic process, (2013-2016).

8. Consultancy services were provided for Mete Group-Karsan Aksa Construction Ltd for the fully automated warehouse investment in Konya (2013-2016).