One of the most important issues determining the comfort conditions in the buildings today is the mechanical installation systems to be used. In this project, advanced heating, cooling, ventilation and installation systems and consumables are used which can provide comfort conditions at the highest level.


The selection and projecting of the heating, cooling, ventilation and wastewater and clean water systems of the Stone Villa residential complex were made according to the following criteria.


In housing insulation, high density stone material and insulation elements are combined according to the climatic region where the heat loss and gain are kept at low levels. Temperature and humidity control systems are designed considering international criteria. Terminal units (inner units) reach places with air ducts to be formed outside the habitats. Suspended ceiling space is used for suction plenum and sound level comfort conditions are provided.


All WC volumes and kitchens are exhausted independently of the volume system. Air balance is provided with fresh air provided in the rooms. In the mechanical spaces created in basement floors, usage water is stored and filtered water at advanced level is stored. Hot water will be prepared with wall-mounted boilers and it will be supported with high efficient solar energy panels according to the location of the residence. Gray water spots like drains, washbasins and showers are run separately from the WC sewage up to the storm drains. The wastewater, gray water and rainwater drainage system will be assembled being welded with PN4 class HDPE pipes. Thus, there will be no leakage or sound problems between stone walls.


40 bar test pressure resistant (pxb + aluminum + hdpe coated) geberite mepla series pipes will be used in clean water, hot water and recirculation lines, with flexible multi-layer, fittings with special locking system. Thus, without any joints between the stone walls, it will be assembled as one piece - one end is on the mechanical side and the other end is below the sink.


This building, which can survive for many centuries, has been selected and designed so that the system and consumables used can last for many years and can be used without problems.